Corrections to In-Box Magazines

We’re not perfect (but pretty darn close if we do say so ourselves). Because we send our magazine to print far in advance, there are edits we didn't catch in time. In an effort to be fully transparent with our members, we have outlined any corrections to our in-box magazine print below (most recent first). 

  • From Summer '18: The Foreo Luna Fofo runs on batteries, and is good for up to 400 uses before they need to be changed! Please disregard the information in the included instructions, this particular model is brand new for Foreo and does not include a USB cord.
  • From Post-Fall Editor's '17: Incorrectly stated on page 2, the Summer & Rose Foldover Clutch comes in Black and Burgundy in various boxes. 
  • From Spring '17: Incorrectly stated on page 4, we said the Luv AJ Earring Set is made from 14K Rose Gold. It is made from Brass Plated Rose Gold, not 14K Rose Gold. (Note: This was accurately stated on the Choice page online for all members). 
  • From Spring '17: Incorrectly stated on the cover, we said it was our 3rd Anniversary. We launched our Box in Spring '13, so it is actually our 4th Anniversary! 
  • From Winter '16: Incorrectly stated on page 6, we highlighted a direct quote from one of our influencers that says "Every month you get a box of full-sized products from amazing brands". Our subscription is every season, not every month. 
  • From Welcome '15: Incorrectly stated on insert, we said Zoya Nail Polish in "Carey" and "Avril". The box contains only one Zoya Nail Polish in "Carey" or "Avril". 

All Corrections will be posted here as soon as our editors confirm the correction. We will also link to this page in all print-magazines beginning with Summer '17 season. 

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