How do Add-Ons work?

Add-On sales are open prior to each season's box shipment! Select Members have early access to the sale each season! Click here to learn more about upgrading your membership.

How Add-Ons work:

  1. Reserve Add-Ons by adding your favorite items to your add-on cart.
  2. You may add (+) or remove (-) items up until selection closes. (See image below)
  3. Any items in your add-on cart when it closes will be auto-saved and you will be charged for your selected Add-Ons on Bill Date 1No checkout necessary!
  4. Add-Ons will be taxed based on sales tax laws for customers in Canada, California, Washington, and New York (learn more).
  5. Your Add-Ons will be shipped out along with your Seasonal Box in the Bill Date 1 shipping group!  

Summer 2018 Add-ons How-To Guide:

How to remove an add-on from your box? See below!  

Note: There is no check out necessary in with add-on sales. Each member can purchase up to 3 of a particular product. Item selection may vary depending on shipping location.

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