What is Select Membership? What are the perks?

Purchasing an Annual FabFitFun account will automatically make you a Select member. If you are a seasonal member you can upgrade your account to an annual membership at any time. (Pre-Pay $179.99* for four boxes!) 

The amazing, fantastic, incredible, super duper, ginormous perks are:

1. $20 in instant savings.

2. Box customization, which means you can pick and choose the designs and colors of certain box products for your seasonal boxes.** See below for example of selections from Spring 2017.

3. Early shipping, so you’ll get your goodies first!

4. NEW! Early access to seasonal Add-Ons!

5. Stay tuned for more! 

Click if you want to UPGRADE NOW 

*California sales tax and shipping fees to Canada, AK, and HI may apply. All prices listed in United States Dollars (USD).

**If your first seasonal box is purchased after selections are closed, then box customization will begin with your second seasonal box. Selections are open for approximately 3 weeks prior to seasonal boxes being shipped out. 

Example Box Customization: Spring 2017


  • Emerald DUV cuff bracelet OR LUV AJ earring set
  • Gypsy05 Roundie: Blue Tie Dye, Warm Geometrical, or Yellow Paisley
  • RealHer Lip Kit: Deep Nude, Neutral Pink, Deep Red  
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