What is the difference between the Annual Subscription and the Seasonal Subscription?

A seasonal subscription renews each quarter for $49.99*. With an annual subscription, you can prepay $179.99* for a full year of FabFitFun Boxes (that's $20 in savings for 4 boxes!). At the time your annual subscription expires, you will be auto-renewed into an annual subscription, unless you request otherwise.

Additional perks of being on the annual member (besides the $20 in instant savings!) are:

1. Box customization, which means you can pick and choose the designs and colors of certain box products for your seasonal boxes. 

2. Early shipping, so you’ll get your goodies first!

3. NEW! Early access to seasonal Add-Ons!

4. Stay tuned for more! 

Upgrade to an Annual Membership today!

*California sales tax and shipping fees to Canada, AK, HI, and Puerto Rico may apply.

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