What is Choice?

Choice is a brand new feature for all Annual and Seasonal members beginning in Spring 2017! 

What is Choice?

Choice is the option to customize one item in your box based on your preferences. To make your choice, log into your FabFitFun account and click the "Customize" tab on the toolbar while Choice is open! Note: If you sign up for a membership after the Choice window closes, you will be able to make your choices starting with the following season.

Why can't I see the item I'm choosing?

To make sure we keep the box a surprise, we’ll only reveal the brand/type of the customizable items. Once you have made your choice, you won’t know your exact Choice item until your box arrives at your doorstep!

Who gets Choice?

All active members!

What's the difference between Choice and Select?

Choice is the option to customize an item in your box based on your preference. Select is one of our membership options! To become a Select member, you can purchase an annual subscription to access all the amazing perks!

Can I choose both items?

While supplies last each season, we're offering the option to purchase both items for an additional cost! 

When does Choice open and close?

Choice is open for ~3 weeks prior to seasonal boxes being shipped out. All choices are subject to availability, while supplies last.


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